Fanstath / Places

The Northern Kingdoms

Historically there have been between two or three kingdoms referred to as The Northern Kingdoms. Malpha has been considered a Northern Kingdom since the invasion of Eastern Kelidair 20 years ago. For diplomatic purposes, The Four Holds are occasionally considered part of The Northern Kingdoms.

The Southern Kingdoms

The five realms of The Southern Kingdoms are located in the South East of Fanstath. Three of the nations are also considered Jarvick Bay Kingdoms. Despite the common name for the area, none of the five realms are traditional monarchies.

The Old Kingdom

Old Kingdom Places
The territory of the defunct Kingdom of Sovca is now split between a number of factions. The majority of the territory is lawless wasteland.

The Four Holds

The Four Holds consist of the three remaining dwarven holds in the Nekikäkil mountains.

Kingdom of Vátgir

The kingdom of Vátgir sits in the centre of Jarvik Bay.


Fjarrkald is an achaepeligo of islands to the north of Fanstath with a distinct culture.